The main engine and the material hopper are designed separately , and thus it is safe , easy and convenient to be operated. the whole operation is controlled by Micro Trip computer. Equipped with an Independent filter, which is very convenient to clean up dust . The equipped muffler reduces the noise in operation .TH-S900GN-2 Controlling two suction hopper by one single controller , not only can avoid taking space ,but also manage convenient.



1. Stainless steel material hopper is light in weight, durable and very convenient for cleaing the device .

2. The control box , being designed separately , is easy to be well maintained .

3. Auto-buzzer will give alarm while lacking material .

4. Auto-protective device protects motro against overloading .

5. The bunker with electronic eye can be installed on the charging inlet of molding machine directly .

6. The air revolving dust arrester reduce the clean times of filter, is suitable for the grinded material conveying .

7. Can select two- material proportional valve, used for new material mixed grinded material using or instant receiving of grinded matrial. 

Unit Introduction

  • Clamping Unit
  • Injection Unit
  • Hydraulic Unit
  • Electrical Unit
Clamping Unit

1.Larger space between tie-bars,suitable for larger molds and multi-cavity needs.

2.Longer and wider guide length,higher repeatability precision,improve product quality and mold lifespan.

3.Better designed mechanical structure and toggle system faster cycle time,and improve production efficiency.

4.Upgraded parts,Graphite-copper bushes and slider used on tie-bar,ejector and movable platen,ensure fast and precise mold close and open.

5.THREEPLAST PET Preform Injection Molding Machine has European type ejector structure, larger space & convenient for maintenance.

6.Prepared enough space for upgrade and retrofits

7.Integrated and adjustment free mechanical safety bar,more safe and convenient

8.Much higher rigidity mechanical system,not noly.improves plastic injection molding machine's lifespan,but also can protect mold.

Injection Unit

1.Full supported injection unit with dual precise linear guide rails, ensure the best precision and fast start speed.

2.Dual carriage cylinders improve a better injection precision.

3.Injection unit steel pipes adopt pipe fitting to connect,no welding design ensure maintenance and after-service to be easier.

4.Upturning designed nozzle cover,production and maintenance to be easier.

5.Double-layer designed barrel cover to avoid operators" scald,ensure the safe production.

6.Imported high quality SKD61 material screw tip, check ring and thrust ring;a lot kinds of screws design can meet different plastic material and special processing injection molding needs.

7.Barrel PID controls the difference of temperature,less error.

Hydraulic Unit

1.Srandard equipped with precise and energy saving servo motor system,energy saving capacity can reach to 20%-80% than traditional injection machine.

2.World famous brands hydraulic parts ensure machine's reliability and fast response speed.

3.Visible and dischargeable oil tankmeasy for hydraulic circuit maintenance.

4.Ad opt modular adaptor valve blocks, hydraulic circuit and functions easy for up-grade and maintenance.

5.Self-sealed magnetic suction filter. make your maintenance more convenient.

6.Logical distribution of pump oil suction port, oil tank oil outlet and hydraulic pipe fits, easy for maintenance.

7.Germany DIN standard hydraulic pipe fitting with seal, G screw thread style plug, avoid oil pollution.

Electrical Unit

1. World well-known brands electric parts.

2. High quality large color screen controller, multi-language available.

3. Standard equipped LED three-color tower light with alarm, machine working situation is clear.

4. Modernized network management function available.

5. Wa later-proof rubber seal used on electric cabinet ensure high safety.

6. Machine program according to CE safety standard.

Function List

  • Clamping Unit
  • Injection Unit
  • Hydraulic System
  • Electrical System
  • Others

Function List - Clamping Unit

Function List - Injection Unit

Function List - Hydraulic System

Function List - Electrical System

Function List - Other


Remarks: “●” for standard, "○*' for option, "▬” for Not available

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