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Our Advantage

Leading Technology

From 2006 to 2018, SuRui Machinery was focus on meet EUROPEAN customers needs, solve the plastic injection trouble for the customers ; after years of experience SuRui controlled the core technology on high quality, high safety machine manufacturing, thus made our advantage on leading technology.

Experienced&Efficient Team

SuRui deeply realized the importance of the team for the machine; the SuRui team is composed of experienced staff, whose average experience more than 15 years in this filed; and all of departments keep timely and friendly communication for customers suggestions, discuss the improvement of design and installation .

Accurate&Reliable Machinery

We control the quality not only check each single piece of spare part, but also simulate machine’s actual working to check each spare part’s fit precision during our installation, ensure our machines’ best precision; thanks to the cooperation with the T0V Rheinland, ensure our machines’ reliability .

Developmental Innovation & Research

With the increasing demands of plastic quality and quantity, injection molding factories required machines higher and higher, SuRui keeps the developmental innovation and research on precision, efficiency, safety and special material injection molding .

World-wide 7x24service

Since found our independent brand, THREEPLAST established international service network, we not only have the service network in Asia, North America, Africa, but also have the sales and service center in Europe, ensure the fastest local service for our customers.

Affordable Price

SuRui always insist to provide customers high quality equipment under the affordable price, we have no intention to pursue unhealthy price competition to win the market, to ensure the company's benign and sustainable development; and provide the comprehensive service for customers .