Auto loader


The main engine and the material hopper are designed separately , and thus it is safe , easy and convenient to be operated. the whole operation is controlled by Micro Trip computer. Equipped with an Independent filter, which is very convenient to clean up dust . The equipped muffler reduces the noise in operation .TH-S900GN-2 Controlling two suction hopper by one single controller , not only can avoid taking space ,but also manage convenient.


1. Stainless steel material hopper is light in weight, durable and very convenient for cleaing the device .

2. The control box , being designed separately , is easy to be well maintained .

3. Auto-buzzer will give alarm while lacking material .

4. Auto-protective device protects motro against overloading .

5. The bunker with electronic eye can be installed on the charging inlet of molding machine directly .

6. The air revolving dust arrester reduce the clean times of filter, is suitable for the grinded material conveying .

7. Can select two- material proportional valve, used for new material mixed grinded material using or instant receiving of grinded matrial. 


Automatic Mold Temperature Control


Unstable Temperature in the process of mold forming always tends to produce unqualified products, According to the principle of  heat exchange . TH-M mold temperature control make use of water and high property heat transferring oil as a medium to keep a properstable temperature in the process of mold forming so as to guarantee high quality of products and raise the productive efficiency.




The Industrial chiller is specially designed on purpose to be used in the plastic manufacturing  industry . this equipment can greatly raise the working  efficiency of manufacturing machines and obviously improve the quality of products and thus , earn more profit . 




"The knife tool is refined with imported special tool-steel.  the clearance between knife tools are adjustable . when it becomes blunt by using , 

 it can be dismounted repeatedlly . it is Durable ."

1.Use high-intensity steel screws to fasten the knife leaf and knife seat , having strong bearing capacity .

2. All walls of crushing chamber are treated by sound-proof, so having extra-low noise

3. A disconnect-type designed , the bunker, main body, Sieve can be dismounted for cleaning easily, heavey bearing with dust protection device .

4. The Motor has over-loading protection with power source interlock protection device . Double- safely  protection for operatiorand motor .

5. Step-type motion  knife design with strong breaking capacity.

6. Equipped vibration feet on TH-F500, Reduce noise of vibration . 


Hopper Dryer


 Save time and Manpower : As the hopper body and bottom are designed separately , and therefore it is very convenient to clean materials and quite simple and quick to renew materials as well.  A,L feet frames, receiver of hot air, the filter of inlet of fan, the filter of air exhauster , magnetic base , magnetic iron of bunker , European material box are avaiable for selection .


1. Well-distributed Heated Wind: the heat efficiency is high enough to shorten great amount of drying time

2. Precise Temperature Controls:  The precise temperature controls ensure and keep a high accuracy of temperature.

3. The Trustworthy Design: Fine exterior , soild construction. short material-melting time greatly helps to promote the spouting speed.

4. Increase injection ratio : Direct heating blanking , shorten material melt time, promote injection ratio.

5. Automatic control working time :  Freely Setting time to switch on/off , automatic working.